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Read our case studies to find out what other businesses and organizations are doing across the country to engage employees, increase recycling, and reduce waste in the workplace.
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Recycling at Work Best Practices - Starting Recycling Programs

Keep Phoenix Beautiful Launches Office Building Ink Cartridge Recycling Program

Workplace Type: Non-profit organization

Key Learning:  “If you build it they will come!” Building occupants were so enthusiastic about the new recycling program that they began dropping off their cartridges at Keep Phoenix Beautiful, despite the KPB’s offer to pick up the cartridges directly from each office.    

Their Action: Keep Phoenix Beautiful (KPB) is located in a 20-floor office building housing various City of Phoenix local government offices. Working with local company, Laser Masters International (LMI), KPB launched a building-wide collection and recycling program for ink cartridges.

To get started, KPB enlisted a few select offices in the building but found that word traveled quickly about their toner cartridge recycling program. To maintain efficiency, KPB asked that each office have at least 10 ink cartridges before calling for a pick up at which point a KPB team member would collect and bring them back to the KPB offices to store until they had a full batch for LMI to collect.  Since the launch of the program, KPB now collects roughly 200 ink cartridges per month for recycling.  In addition to a building-wide recycling opportunity, the program provides a small revenue stream for KPB.

Words of Advice: “You have to make recycling easy and be sure to positively reinforce their actions by thanking people when they recycle. In return, many people express their gratitude and excitement for program. It’s a win-win for everyone!”

-Tiffany Hilburn, Special Events Manager at Keep Phoenix Beautiful


Clinton Global Initiative This national program of Keep America Beautiful is part of its Clinton Global Initiative commitment.