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Read our case studies to find out what other businesses and organizations are doing across the country to engage employees, increase recycling, and reduce waste in the workplace.
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Recycling at Work Best Practices - Employee Engagement

Engaging Employees in Reducing Waste with Glad “One Bag Challenge”

Workplace Type: Corporation

Key Learning:  Enroll leadership, inspire some healthy competition, and promote, promote, promote!

Their Action: Clorox teamed up with Glad to take the “One Bag Challenge” in their Oakland offices. The week-long “challenge” was to limit the office material thrown away to a single bag per floor and to recycle or compost the rest. To instill some friendly competition, there was a reward from Glad for the floor that sent the least material to the landfill: a zero-waste lunch.

Clorox took on the challenge in light of the Oakland office’s commitment to reach a 90% waste diversion rate by the end of 2013. The company had been recycling and composting more than 80% of its waste since taking the One Bag Challenge in 2012, but needed to revitalize the recycling spirit after a reorganization that resulted in more people per floor.

Raising awareness about the program was one of the biggest challenges to overcome. The company sent out emails, hung posters in the halls and in front of the garbage cans on each floor, made announcements on their internal page, and asked that division VPs announce the challenge to their teams, but still did not reach everyone in the office. Next time, the company plans to host a “what-goes-where” refresher, to remind people about how to properly recycle and compost in the office.

Words of Advice:

“Socializing recycling efforts in a corporate setting starts from the top. If the CEO, President, VPs, and other leaders are on board and passionate about your efforts, their enthusiasm will trickle down throughout the organization.”

– Kristina Vannoni, Marketing Manager

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