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Take the Recycle at Work Pledge

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as much as 45 percent of the 250 million tons of municipal waste generated in 2011 was from commercial and institutional locations such as business and government offices, retail establishments, schools and hospitals. Recognizing the power of individuals in the workplace to engage in recycling which results in saving energy, reducing emissions and landfills, conserving natural resources and generating jobs.

We the undersigned pledge to recycle more of materials generated at our workplace by 10 percent over the next two years.*

We will achieve our goal by taking actions which may include:
  • Identifying opportunities to recycle more and waste less
  • Making recycling more convenient in our workplace to enable greater participation
  • Increasing employee awareness of waste reduction and recycling opportunities in the workplace
  • Identifying cost-effective opportunities to purchase products with recycled content
  • Implementing purchasing policies that consider a product’s end of life use and recyclability
  • Reporting on our actions and progress through the Recycling at Work online reporting system
  • Celebrating our success and
  • Inviting at least one other company or organization to take this Pledge.

My organization is proud to take the Recycling at Work pledge and join other businesses and organizations in increasing recycling at our workplace. Every action adds up to making a difference.

We commit to increase the recycling of one or more of the following material categories:
  • Batteries
  • Beverage Containers
  • Electronics
  • Ink/toner Cartridges
  • Paper/Paper Products/Cardboard
Please do not list the company/organization name on the website

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For more information about the pledge, please contact us at:

*For those organizations that are not able to establish a baseline for waste generated and recycling, reporting on actions taken is recommended until such time as a baseline can be established.

For businesses/organizations who sustain a 70% or higher measurable recycling rate for the next two years, we invite you to share your successful actions and applaud any additional increase in recycling achieved each year.

The Recycling at Work pledge is a national initiative of Keep America Beautiful and is part of its Clinton Global Initiative commitment.

Girl Scout Troop 40005 10/29/2014

Our Troop is commited to recycling and to teach kids the importance of recycling.

anonymous 10/29/2014

Our Department is dedicated to decreasing our carbon footprint both here and at home.

Keep Oklahoma Beautiful 10/29/2014

We commit to do away with normal batteries and only use rechargeable batteries for our computer mice. We already recycle our paper and use ink/toner that has no cartridges. Go green!

Oaklee's Family Guide 10/29/2014

Oaklee's Family Guide is going green and will now be posting all of our quarterly issues in digital format. By reducing our paper and ink consumption and by planting more trees, we hope to do our part for saving the environment.

anonymous 10/28/2014
anonymous 10/28/2014
Harmony School of Innovation - Austin 10/27/2014

We are a public charter school and we take a pledge to recycle, reduce, and reuse! Our students are excited about the opportunity to serve our school and community!

Harmony School of Innovation - Austin 10/27/2014

We are a public charter school and we take a pledge to recycle, reduce, and reuse! Our students are excited about the opportunity to serve our school and community!

The Sasha Marina Show & CO. 10/27/2014

We pride ourselves in creating the least harm to our Environment as possible, at work and at home.

City of Hamtramck Recycling Commission 10/26/2014

City of Hamtramck Recycling Commission is an all-volunteer group in the city of Hamtramck MI. We work with our business partners Hamtramck Recycling and Sterling Oil to support and participate in city clean-ups and city events such as fun runs and health walks. We sponsor a city-wide recycling donation day on 2nd Saturdays of every month. We are always seeking ways to increase awareness and encourage our residents, businesses, and visitors to recycle.

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