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Recycling at Work is a voluntary national effort to increase recycling in the workplace. Please join the other businesses and organizations around the country that stepped up and took the pledge to increase workplace recycling. Recycling at Work offers you a 10-step action plan, discounts on recycling bins and other valuable tools to start and expand your workplace recycling program. Reduce your environmental impact. Make the commitment.

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Recycle empty aerosol cans (from deodorant, air freshener, paint, etc) in the bin with other cans. As for the caps? Not yet widely recyclable, but check with your local recycling office to be sure. Learn More

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New Keep America Beautiful Research: Increasing Recycling@Work

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The reports below include findings and recommendations for the most effective infrastructure to increase recycling (both quantity and quality) in office settings. KAB partnered with Action Research and PepsiCo Recycling to study the effects of different desk-side bin types and placements in over 35 offices in four cities.



Presentation for Pledge Partners: 

Busting Recycling Myths thumbnailDownload the Recycling@Work Facts, Myths, and Realities 1.0 presentation.

Note: This document is password-protected. All pledge partners will receive an email with the password to open the presentation. Please contact recyclingatwork@kab.org with any questions.



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Recent Pledges

Green R 02/24/2015

Education and committment to waste less and recycle more by making it more convenient.

anonymous 02/19/2015

We are looking for more employees to participate in our recycling program and are needing a structured plan to to assist with our efforts

Keep G 02/13/2015

We support the first curbside recycling effort in the City of Flint and provide information and resources to residents to encourage them to recycle.

Clinton Global Initiative This national program of Keep America Beautiful is part of its Clinton Global Initiative commitment.