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Recycling at Work is a voluntary national effort to increase recycling in the workplace. Please join the other businesses and organizations around the country that stepped up and took the pledge to increase workplace recycling. Recycling at Work offers you a 10-step action plan, discounts on recycling bins and other valuable tools to start and expand your workplace recycling program. Reduce your environmental impact. Make the commitment.

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Recycle out-of-use electronics.

The average household has 28 distinct electronic devices. Be sure to recycle those that you no longer use.

Two things to keep safe when e-cycling:

1) The Environment
2) Your Data

How? Be sure to use an R2-certified recycler. Find one here

Congratulations for your leadership to increase Recycling at Work!

Presentation for Pledge Partners: 

Busting Recycling Myths thumbnailDownload the Recycling @ Work Facts, Myths, and Realities 1.0 presentation.

Note: This document is password-protected. All pledge partners will receive an email with the password to open the presentation. Please contact recyclingatwork@kab.org with any questions.


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Greener IT Challenge

Are you up to the Greener IT Challenge?

When your business or organization decides to upgrade your computers, mobile phones or other electrical equipment, where do the old ones go? Microsoft along with other partners have come together with the Greener IT Challenge program to help your workplace find safe end-of-life management options for your electronics through organizations that utilize recycling and reuse standards, make greener purchasing decisions when replacing your old electronics, and understand how to adjust power options so your computers use less electricity.

Help create a healthier, happier planet by learning about the Greener IT Challenge!

Visit the site, watch the video training sessions, and earn your Greener IT Challenge
certificate today.

Will you take the pledge to recycle more?

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Recent Pledges

Crooked H 04/15/2014

We commit to expanding into recycling the most uncommon items that go through the studio.

Baby G 04/11/2014

We pledge to recycle and keep our planet as green as possible!

GREEN K 04/04/2014

We take the Pledge!

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